Anchor is a documentary film about both Christian and Atheist perspectives on some of life's biggest questions such as "Who are we as humans?", "Why are we here?", "What happens when we die?", "How should we live?", and “From where do we get meaning and purpose in life?” The film will also explore what both Christianity and Atheism truly believe and whether they can provide sound reasoning for their assertions.

Christianity and Atheism have not both been represented fairly in a film where recognized experts from both sides have been interviewed. By interviewing prominent speakers from each worldview, this film hopes to correct the common misrepresentations of each side.

Every single person has a worldview and how they form that worldview determines how they live their lives and how they answer each of these questions. It's the biggest part of our lives! It's only when these questions are all looked at together and really scrutinized that someone can tell if they have a coherent worldview or not. A person's worldview should be based on the truth, not on emotions, skepticism, or wishful thinking. Finding truth is extremely important and vital to living life. This documentary will be a hunt for that truth to see if it lies in either of these dominant worldviews.